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About Corrugated Metals Homeland Security Division
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About Us

Infrastructure Defense Technologies manufactures custom roll formed and fabricated metal products and components, providing metal corrugating and complementary metal fabricating services to satisfy the needs of the construction, transportation and OEM markets. We provide precision formed, high quality, corrugated metal roofing and corrugated metal siding for the construction industry plus corrugated metal decking and custom roll formed shapes for transportation and OEM customers on a contract basis.

We offer some of the widest panels in the industry - up to 63 inches, and carry the lightest to the heaviest gauges metals, primarily steel and aluminum, in our inventory. We process steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper and aluminum.

Currently, we run two operations:

The Metalith

The Metalith Division was formed during 2003 designed to provide specialized U.S. Department of State K12-certified crash protection and blast protection products used as critical infrastructure perimeter security systems, especially for those assets needing blast mitigation protection and anti-ram vehicle barriers. Our Metalith physical security barriers are made from 16 to 18-gauge steel or other specified materials.

The U.S. military classifies these barriers as Expeditionary Earth Filled Protective Barriers.

Metalith Blast Test Metalith KARCO Crash Test

Blast testing

K12 crash testing


Some of the most typical industry uses and applications for our perimeter security barriers are listed alphabetically below:

We provide our industrial, military, and governmental customers with superior performance protective barriers, excellent quality, competitive prices, on-time shipping, design assistance, and excellent communication and customer service.

Infrastructure Defense Technologies' K12-certified physical perimeter security barriers and walls are designed to stop intruders attempting to penetrate a facility's perimeter security borders using a vehicle (anti-ram vehicle protection) or explosive (blast mitigation) devices.

Call us today at 1-800-379-1822, email us at, or send a fax using 815-323-1317 to get an immediate quote for your perimeter security problems. Stop them before they cause serious security issues, critical infrastructure damage, or disaster.

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The Metalith
A Division of Infrastructure Defense Technologies

6550 Revlon Drive • Belvidere, Illinois 61008
Phone: 1-800-379-1822 • Fax: 1-815-323-1317



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