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Corrugated Metals Homeland Security Division - Metalith applications
Federal facilities
Industrial facilities and corporate headquarters
Government prime military contractors
Commercial airports
Port authorities and sea ports
Power generation plants
Chemical and petrochemical plants
Oil and gas pipe lines
Mining operations
Natural gas and petroleum operations
Natural resources
Public water supply
Erosion control
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Typical applications

Infrastructure Defense Technologies designs and manufactures a line of K12-certified, high quality, high strength, perimeter security barriers. The Metalith™ earth filled barrier system has been designed to meet the anti-blast, anti-ram, and anti-terrorism demands for perimeter security solutions required by the military, the U.S. government, and owners and operators of many types of critical infrastructure assets.

The best description of our primary perimeter security barriers would be two-fold:

  1. Anti-ram vehicle barriers
  2. Blast mitigation barriers
Crash test - photo  Blast test - photo

The Metalith force protection anti-ram and anti-blast barrier system will:

  • Protect personnel and assets from the direct effects of an explosive blast such as shrapnel and exploding fragments
  • Deflect explosion blast waves / pressure waves,
  • Screen against direct fire, and
  • Prevent chain reaction explosions of critical assets.

We have also designed and provided heavy duty corrugated steel military revetment kits, and modular protective structures, intended to be quickly and easily assembled in the field while providing maximum protection, to help protect our troops and their critical military assets.

That technology and know how has been used to develop a line of modular perimeter security barriers, anti-ram security barriers, designed to literally a "stop a truck" trying to perform an unauthorized penetration of a facility perimeter or security checkpoint. Whether the truck is a runaway or it is filled with explosives to inflict serious damage to life and property, the Metalith will stop it.

Our strongest K12 anti-ram vehicle barrier is made out of 16-gauge steel, comes in virtually any color on pre-painted steel, is assembled using only pins, and requires no skilled labor. In testing performed during early 2004, it totally stopped a 15,000 lb. truck traveling at 50 mph completely preventing any penetration from the cargo bed. In 2006 we successfully tested the Metalith earth filled barriers as it arrest a 65,000 lb. truck traveling at 50 mph! We can also manufacture lighter weight barriers made from steel or aluminum in lighter gauges.

High order detonation blast tests conducted during 2004 proved the Metalith barriers and walls can provide attenuation values exceeding 90% and, depending on the standoff distance, nearly 99%.

Our perimeter security K12 anti-ram vehicle barriers and blast mitigation barriers and walls are designed to stop the unwanted vehicular intruders attempting to penetrate a secure facilities’ perimeter security borders, by use of a vehicle, by stopping it dead.

Our Metalith barriers offer excellent blast mitigation protection and blast containment capabilities as well.

For more information about Infrastructure Defense Technologies' perimeter security products and applications, please call us at 1-800-379-1822, email us at, or fill out our contact form.

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