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K50 crash testing
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Metalith blast and crash test videos
K50 crash test videos
K12 crash test videos
Blast mitigation videos
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K50 Crash Test Videos

Our K50 crash testing was performed at the behest the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG) by personnel from Sandia National Laboratories.  

The testing was performed at the Texas Transportation Institute in College Station, Texas.  The K50 test videos show a 65,000 Mack dump truck impacting the Metalith barriers at 50 mph.

We offer the following videos to view:

Color side view in real time

K50 Crash video - side view
Quicktime 106 KB 572 KB
Windows Media 80 KB 561 KB
Real 71 KB 493 KB
Flash 73 KB 532 KB

Color 3/4 view slow real time

K50 Crash video - 3/4 side view
Quicktime 98 KB 534 KB
Windows Media 75 KB 494 KB
Real 64 KB 448 KB
Flash 67 KB 500 KB

Side view in slow motion

K50 Crash video - side view in slow motion
Quicktime 154 KB 836 KB
Windows Media 113 KB 798 KB
Real 100 KB 729 KB
Flash 108 KB 778 KB

Side view in slow motion

K50 Crash video - side view in slow motion
Quicktime 158 KB 854 KB
Windows Media 118 KB 824 KB
Real 108 KB 764 KB
Flash 112 KB 793 KB

Rear view in slow motion

K50 Crash video - rear view
Quicktime 201 KB 1,094 KB
Windows Media 146 KB 1,048 KB
Real 132 KB 978 KB
Flash 144 KB 1,022 KB

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To learn more about Infrastructure Defense Technologies, our products, and our capabilities, please visit or call us at 1-800-379-1822.


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