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Coranar™ Paint Finishes

The Metalith sand and earth filled protective barriers barriers are offered with our exclusive Coranar finishes, a Kynar-based coating system. Our Coranar finishes allow architects and specifiers to chose a color and finish that is best for their application.

The table that follows provides specific test detail on our Coranar finishes.

Paint Specifications



  1. Weatherometer
    ASTM G23-81 minimum
    1. Fading - ASTM D2244 minimum 2,000 hours

    2. Chalking - ASTM D569 minimum 2,000 hours

No cracking, peeling, blistering or flaking when scraped with a metal blade.

  1. Exterior coating shall not exceed a 5 N.B.S. Unit change.

  2. Exterior coating shall not chalk greater than 8.

  1. Humidity Test
    ASTM D2247-68 1,000 hours in 100% humidity @ 100° F in Humidity Chamber Test

Less than 5% No. 8 blisters-aluminum. Less than 5% No. 8 blisters-galvanized.

  1. Salt Spray Test
    ASTM B117-73 1,000 hours in Salt Fog Cabinet Test 5% Fog @ 95° F

No blistering greater than a No. 8 rating according to schedule No. 2 ASTM D1654.

  1. Abrasion Test
    ASTM D968-81 Falling Sand Test

Coating will withstand a minimum of 65 liters of sand before appearance of base metal.

  1. Pollution Resistance Test
    30 cycles of Kesternich Pollution Resistance Test

No blistering, cracking loss of adhesion or appearance of any significant corrosion.

  1. Impact Resistance

Panels will withstand a minimum of 80 inch-lbs. for Galvanized or 1½ x metal thickness on Aluminum, with no loss of adhesion, cracking or peeling.

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