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GSA overview
Metalith anti-ram and blast mitigation barriers - GSA photo

National Stock Numbers (NSNs)

Infrastructure Defense Technologies has been approved for three NSNs.  They are:

  1. NSN 5450-01-535-7955 - 2’ thick x 6’ tall by 104’ long revetment wall module.
  2. NSN 5450-01-535-7952 - 4’ thick x 8’ tall by 64’ long revetment wall module.
  3. NSN 5450-01-537-7061 - 4’ thick x 10’ tall by 48’ long revetment wall module.

The national stock numbers (NSN) are the most common numbers used to identify material. An NSN is a 13-digit number consisting of a 4-digit federal supply classification (FSC) code number and a 9-digit national item identification number (NIIN).  The figure below shows the typical NSN format.

Typical NSN format

National Stock Number (NSN) - illustration

National Stock Number (NSN) format

The Federal Classification Code (FSC) number identifies an item by commodity or description. The first two digits of the FSC are called the FSC group, and the last two digits of the FSC are called the FSC class.

The National Item Identification Number (NIIN) identifies each item of supply used by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The NIIN relates to identification data that makes an item of supply different (as far as DoD is concerned) from every other item of supply.

The amount and type of identification data depend on the item and its intended use. Although the NIIN is part of the National Stock Number (NSN), it is used independently to identify an item. Except for identification lists, most federal supply catalogs are arranged in NIIN order.

The national stock number is the only stock number used in supply operations for items in the Federal Cataloging System. The integrity of the national stock number will always be maintained whenever it is employed in any operation or document. 

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