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Anti-Climb and Protective Roof Options

Infrastructure Defense Technologies offers the Metalith steel panel perimeter security barriers and walls. Initially built for military applications as an Expeditionary Earth Filled Protective Barrier, we now offer two options to:

  • Enhance product appearance,
  • Make scaling the wall more difficult, and
  • Reduce the potential for hydrostatic pressure increases due to the accumulation of moisture inside the Metalith barrier panels.

We offer an anti-climb option and a protective roof option.

Anti-climb option

The Metalith is offered with an anti-climb option that provides additional security as well as aesthetics. The anti-climb feature consists of vertically corrugated steel sheets that are fastened to the 16 and 18-gauge structural steel substrate.

Anti climb option - photoThe anti-climb panels are available in a variety of metals, paint systems and colors. The panels themselves are roll formed from 18-gauge steel, or other specified materials and are fastened to the substrate with supplied stainless steel metal screws. Lighter gauge materials can be used when specified.

The anti-climb option panels can be provided in any of our exclusive Coranar™ finishes, Kynar-based coatings.

The anti-climb option's vertical panels provide a different, more linear vertical, look to the Metalith product, making it more appealing for certain applications.

The Metalith perimeter security barriers configured with our anti-climb option provides the best looking, least military looking, product on the market that can provide anti-ram vehicle protection and blast mitigation properties.

Standard sized anti-climb panels are available in 36 inch widths and from 6 to 16 feet tall.


Protective roof option

The Metalith is offered with an easily installed roof option that provides interior protection from rain, snow, and humidity moisture. The roof option prevents moisture absorption by interior ballast materials preventing increased hydrostatic pressure on the structural members.

The roof option panels are made out of 18-gauge steel, or other materials as specified providing excellent strength as well as appearance.

roof optionThe roof option is recommended in areas with significant amounts of annual rainfall.

In addition to providing protection from rain, snow, and humidity, the roof option changes the appearance of the Metalith perimeter security walls, yielding a more pleasing, aesthetic look that is more conducive to commercial properties, embassies and consulates, and other critical infrastructure facilities that require a more architectural appearance.

The roof option is attached to the Metalith structure using only stainless steel pins for quick and easy installation. Once the roof is attached the provided flashing is attached using stainless steel metal screws.

roof option roof option

Call Infrastructure Defense Technologies today at 1-800-379-1822 or email us at, or send a fax using 815-323-1317 to get an immediate quote for your physical perimeter security problems. Stop anti-ram vehicle intrusions or protect critical infrastructure by using our blast mitigation barriers.


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