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The Metalith perimeter protective barriers are designed to eliminate perimeter security breaches by surface vehicles as well as provide high order detonation blast mitigation protection.

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The Metalith™ Product Information
Our perimeter security system designed to protect critical infrastructure and personnel against terrorist attacks involving the use of explosives and/or speeding vehicles.

Exterior Finishes
See how Metalith protective barriers can hold a wide variety of architecturally specified finishes or looks.

Benefits of using our K12-certified physical perimeter security barriers.

Applications to critical infrastructure assets requiring physical perimeter security. Also view applications by industry for Infrastructure Defense Technologies' sand and earth filled protective barriers.

NSN (National Stock Number)
Infrastructure Defense Technologies has been approved for three NSNs. Read details.

Professional Affiliations
Metalith protective barrier professional service providers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Get answers to frequent questions about the Metalith anti-ram vehicle barriers and blast mitigation barriers.

Homeland Security resources, a physical security glossary, blast injury articles provided by the CDC, and a comparison of the Metalith to another force protection products and more.

Critical infrastructure and professional associations links.

About the Metalith, Infrastructure Defense Technologies, and Corrugated Metals
Read details about our company and the services we provide.

Contact Us
Fill out our contact form to receive more information about our Metalith perimeter security barriers.

To learn how the Metalith can provide your critical assets with customized, cost-effective, anti-ram vehicle protection, force protection, or blast mitigation protection, call us at 800-379-1822 today.

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The Metalith
A Division of Infrastructure Defense Technologies

6550 Revlon Drive • Belvidere, Illinois 61008
Phone: 1-800-379-1822 • Fax: 1-815-323-1317



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